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Find the data

that's important to your case.

Healthcare litigation consultants 

with expertise in data sourcing,

electronic health records,

systems, & technology.

Our Clients

EMRD consults plaintiff medical malpractice attorneys that have complex cases, voluminous discovery, difficult defense, or that are new to eDiscovery processes and strategies involved in obtaining electronically stored information (ESI).



Determine whether additional discovery exists and how to obtain and use it in your cases. 

Initial Case Analysis

Clinical support by experienced medical-legal analyst including issues identification, case strengths, weaknesses and case chronology.

Discovery Language & 

Strategy Recommendations

Request for Production, Interrogatory, and Request to Admit language specific to the case type, events, facilities, year and health information systems involved. Explores different discovery methods such as focused, broad or staged requests, onsite HIT depositions, motions to compel and more.

Technical Data Analysis

Ideal for complex cases or cases with a high volume of discovery. Detailed system identification and diagrams, case mapping, timeline creation, technical focus areas and open questions. 

Electronic Health Record Education

Intended for new clients or new case types. Learn about electronically stored information, data sourcing, custodianship, and mapping the health information systems in your case.

Audit Trail Activity Demonstratives

Audit trail evaluations include data mining, normalization, mapping, correlation, and validation. Visuals help display the levels and types of activity for individuals on the audit trial.

Deposition & Onsite Assistance

To assist in the preparation of depositions and onsite inspections. Frameworks, agendas, education, support and live assistance can be provided.

Ad-hoc Support

Best suited for existing clients  interested in additional case work, quick questions on an open case, or in need of assistance with new capped or budget-sensitive cases.

Case Types

Case Types

Utilize EMRD's streamlined processes for common case types with similar components and systems.

Birth Injury

Labor and delivery or obstetric cases with fetal heart monitoring strips, annotations, flowsheets, vitals, sonograms, late orders or documentation, communication discrepancies, and the location and activity of individuals. 


Medication cases concern incorrect  or late orders, ignored warnings, timing of medication administration, overrides, pharmacy or physician approvals, and communication between care providers.


Imaging cases depend on the accuracy and timing of reads by the appropriate individuals, whether residents, attending, or outsourced radiologists, and the timing of preliminary and final studies, notification of urgent findings, length of read time and individual reviews. 


Labs and transfusions focus on the timeline of activity including order, collection, delivery, testing, result, notification and review. An understanding of when the results were available and accessed by key individuals is often important.


Primary care providers, surgery centers, specialty practices, outpatient treatment, dental, community centers, behavioral health, referrals, and includes skilled nursing facilities, remote and other care delivery methods.

Acute Care/Ancillary

Includes devices, equipment, and ancillary systems such as telemetry, pulse oximetry, blood pressure, PICC pumps, POC, ultrasound, bed alarms, work flow management, nurse tracking, communications, cell phones, telemedicine, anesthesia, cardiology and more.



Different approaches can yield better results depending on the following case variables.

eDiscovery Checklist

Services are tailored to meet the needs for every stage of case development.

Preservation letter

Case filing

Discovery plan






Discovery inventory management

Identification Checklist

Critical questions to consider prior to engaging a healthcare litigation consultant.  

What are the key issues?

Who are the key individuals?

Which organizations or partnerships are involved?

What focus areas require an expert?

Which health information systems were involved?

What are the dates of interest?

Will an onsite inspection be needed?

Was a risk assessment conducted?

Which experts are already engaged?

Has the valuation & budget been determined?

About EMRD

In offering eDiscovery and health information system expertise for the medical malpractice community, EMRD fills the void left by other litigation service companies and consultants. EMRD brings experience gained from nationwide case involvement with most major healthcare systems, academic facilities, case types and vendor systems. This vast library of intellectual property supports discovery disputes. EMRD contributes a broad range of knowledge when collaborating and strategizing with clients that has contributed to many successful case outcomes.


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